Enhanced Online Banking


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Your new online banking experience has arrived!

Our recent platform upgrade includes the following benefits for ALL online banking users:

Fingerprint Access: Now you can enjoy the added security and convenience of biometric security with fingerprint access. Fingerprints are unique (even among identical twins), impossible to guess, and difficult to fake without significant effort. Plus, the technology has become highly accurate and fast.

New Look for Home: Enhancements in Account Preferences now allow you to customize the home page layout. New options include:

  • Grouping and Labeling of accounts
  • Hide accounts
  • Nickname accounts

You can also order Groups for display and order accounts within the group.

Activity Center: The Activity Center displays all activity within online banking. Users can save, search, and export recurring transactions. As you can see, the default Activity Center layout has changed.

Account Detail: More than a new look! Now you can hide account names, expand transaction detail area, enlarge check images, and export data in more formats.

Account Preference: Reordering has changed. Simply push accounts up or down to change the order. You can also search for an account by name, account number, nickname or group label. Plus you can turn nicknames and visibility on/off.


IndePay: IndePay is our secure, convenient social-payment solution. Our person-to-person payment system lets you make payments and transfer funds electronically in real time. Click here to learn more.


Commercial customers will also have the following time saving features available:

ACH Payments: The default view has changed. Along with more search options, new features include an option to enter a Company Description and/or a new Recipient ID.

FreeForm Wires: Also known as QuickWire. FreeForm wire is now the default initiation method for domestic wires. This new interface allows users to send a wire from one page.

Information Reporting: Information Reporting as all/subset/none reports.