Social Media Terms


We Value Your Communication

At our core, Independent Bank is about building healthy communities throughout Texas and online. Your experience here, and with all our team members is paramount.  We have adopted these terms of use to support a positive experience for all of our users, and by accessing and using this site you agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed here.  If you have questions or concerns about banking related issues, it is best to contact your local branch. General inquiries may be directed to our corporate offices during normal business hours at 972.562.9004. Our Social media program manager is Peggy Smolen, IB Marketing Director - 469 301-2706. Contact numbers for all our branches are here.

Personal Information

Comments and posts to popular social media webpages can be viewed by virtually anybody and everybody. No comment or post to this site will be considered confidential information under any circumstances.  For your safety and security, never post personal details (about yourself or someone else) on a public forum, including the social media sites where Independent Bank has a footprint: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Also remember, Independent Bank will never ask for confidential information and/or account details via social media. Please contact a banking office directly if you have any financial or account related questions. Find the nearest Independent Bank location here.

Ads and Promotion

Please keep your online participation free from solicitation. Independent Bank’s social media channels are not intended to promote another company and its products, nor provide ratings or critiques of other companies. Furthermore, we ask that you do not offer investment or other financial advice of any kind.

Be Considerate

We will not tolerate posts containing content we deem to be aggressive, inflammatory, or inappropriate.   We reserve the right to delete content that violates our standards for this site and to restrict or block users who post that type of content.

With Permission Only

Do not post copyright-restricted content.

We May Use your Input

By posting to our social media page(s), you specifically represent to us that you are at least 18 years of age, and give us permission to reuse your content, suggestions and ideas in any manner, format or context or for any purpose that we may elect, along with your real or social media user name, without any obligation or compensation to you.

We will be Watchful

We do monitor the activity on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, although we typically do not respond to specific comments. If you are attempting to reach Independent Bank with a customer service issue, social media is not a secure method. Contact your local branch via telephone. Contact numbers for all our branches are here.

Links to Third Party Sites

We may post a link (to another website) that we believe contains information you may find worthwhile. Please remember, this is not an endorsement of any such third-party site. We are not responsible for the contents, policies or terms of use of such sites.

Third Party Conduct

Independent Bank is not affiliated with Facebook, Inc., Twitter, or Google. We are not responsible for how these companies operate popular social media platforms (or any other third party), and they may use the information that you share on our company page(s) in accordance with the terms and conditions of that particular site.


Your use of this site does not modify any agreement you now or hereafter have with Independent Bank.