Independent Bank is dedicated to providing equal access to mainstream financial services for people at all income levels.


To support this goal, we have launched a new checking account product beneficial to unbanked individuals. This product will provide unbanked individuals the tools necessary to avoid high-cost or ‘predatory’ financial products, such as check cashing and payday loans.

IntroChecking features:

  • $25.00 Minimum To Open • Non-Interest Bearing
  • $4.95 Per Statement Cycle Service Charge
  • No NSF Fees • No Checks Allowed • Free Statements • Debit Card
  • Free Online & Mobile Banking
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Email & Text Alerts

This account varies from a typical checking account and has specific limitations. The following features are not available with this product:

  • Checks, whether presented on paper or electronically, will not be accepted or paid.
  • Merchant or online payments must be presented in ACH format. Electronic checks will not be accepted or paid.
  • Overdraft Protection is not available.

Any items presented on this account that would cause it to become overdrawn will not be accepted and will be returned unpaid. Account holders may be charged a fee by a merchant if this happens.

NOTE: Checks should not be purchased from a branch, through a third-party provider, or off the Internet.