Resources to keep your accounts and information safe.


  • Identify altered checks and reduce potential fraud
  • Control which checks are paid or presented for decisioning
  • Reinforce internal controls
  • Verify incoming ACH debits and credits presented for payment and pay or return exception items


  • Create payment filters and prevent unauthorized ACH items and checks posting to your account
  • Minimize risk of unauthorized ACH transactions
  • Manage transactions within time constraints
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming account fraud

Business Resource Center

Financial insights, helpful tools and more.

Fraud & Positive Pay Exceptions - Helpful Resources

These instructions, requirements and tips will ensure your success in establishing and managing positive pay along with protecting yourself against fraud.


ACH Authorization Rules Management

These step-by-step instructions will assist you in adding rules and authorized companies to your approved list.


Fraud Handling Process

These step-by-step instructions will assist you in assessing fraud and how to handle your account moving forward. 


Fraud Protection Checklist

We have created this checklist to guide you through the process of assessing your business processes and identifying practical applications to strengthen your company’s fraud protection controls.


Fraud Protection Solutions

Our tailored solutions to help safeguard your business against fraud and potential vulnerabilities.


Payee Match - Implementation Guides

Follow our recommended check writing guidelines to avoid readability issues and minimize exceptions.


Payee Match - Issue File Requirements

Review these format and guideline parameters to ensure your issue files meet our requirements.