Is there a fee associated with using my Independent Financial card in my mobile wallet?

There is no cost from Independent Financial to use your mobile wallet.

Which Independent cards can I load in my digital wallet?

All Independent Financial credit or debit cards work with mobile wallets.  While you may not always see the exact card image that matches your plastic card, this should not change the way you use and transact in your mobile wallet.

Can I have more than one card in my mobile wallet?

Yes, but the number of cards you can add may vary by mobile wallet.

Am I liable for unauthorized charges made with my mobile wallet?

Purchases made with your Independent credit or debit cards have Mastercard’s Zero Liability protection for any unauthorized card transactions. This means that you will not pay for any unauthorized transactions as long as they are reported promptly. Certain limitations apply. Please see your cardholder or membership agreement for complete details.




1. Wireless provider fees may apply.