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"At its core, Independent Financial's strength lies in our employees and the relationships they form with customers. To foster these relationships, creating an environment where employees are learning, growing and feel appreciated on a daily basis is essential."

— David Brooks, CEO


Independent Financial Core Values

We Embrace Servant Leadership

  • We are thoughtful, caring, and compassionate and we act with genuine selflessness.
  • We know the better we all do our jobs, the more lives we can touch and improve.
  • We build a legacy of service by paying it forward.

We Build Trust

  • We are ethical, honest, and always act with integrity.
  • We establish trust through transparency. We do the right thing even when others aren’t watching.
  • We don’t “sell to sell”; we advise to improve.

We Foster Meaningful, Lasting Relationships

  • We inquire, we listen, we collaborate, and we make time to form personalized bonds internally and externally.
  • We enable connections, not just transactions.
  • We treasure the journey.

We Value Hard Work

  • We are energetic, passionate, and demonstrate our tenacity for creative problem-solving.
  • We go the extra mile...then a few feet more. 
  • And we strive to continuously improve and grow individually.

We Behave in a Principled Way

  • We are deliberate and make principle-based decisions that are in the highest, best interests of stakeholders.
  • Our ability to consistently make sound business decisions ultimately enables us to make a bigger impact in our communities.