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Unlock the equity in your home to fund major remodeling projects, tackle high interest debt, or manage unforseen expenses.

Dream, Consolidate, Create

Home Equity Line of Credit - (COLORADO residents Only)

FINANCIAL FLEXIBILITY - Borrow when you need and in the amounts you need1. No limits on the number of times you can request use of funds during draw period.  

REPAYMENT FREEDOM - Only pay variable interest on what you've borrowed each month and pay down the principal when it’s convenient for you for the first 10 years.2

Home Equity Installment Loan

FULL FINANCIAL ACCESS - Receive the full amount of the funds approved into your account for complete access.3

REPAYMENT DEPENDABILITY - Know your payments due monthly for each rate adjustment.

Renovate, Remodel, Repair

Home Improvement Loan

CURRENT EQUITY - Financing based on current appraised value of your home.

DREAM BIG - Complete the small home projects, like replacing countertops or upgrading to hardwood floors.

GET FUNDING UPFRONT - Receive project funds after close, set payments for the term of the loan.4


Home Renovation Loan

FUTURE EQUITY - Financing based on the value of your home after the renovation.

DREAM BIGGER - Finally get around to the large projects, such as remodeling the kitchen or adding a mother-in-law suite.

FUND THROUGHOUT PROJECT - Pay for the project as you go, only pay for what you’ve used so far, then set payments.5

Applying is easy.

To get started, visit a nearby financial center.

1 Draws can be made up to the available approved credit limit.
2 Draw Phase: first 10 years interest only due monthly; Repayment Phase: second 10 years, fully amortized monthly principal and interest payment due.
3 Consumer will have access to loan funds after closing. The Bank reserves the right to distribute any funds related to debt consolidation. Loan funds cannot be used for a "Student Loan", Business, or Agricultural purposes. 
4 Product has 60, 120, and 180 month fully amortized term options with fixed interest rates.
5 Product has 60, 120, and 180 month fully amortized term options with fixed interest rates.  Term selected includes a 9 month bank controlled advance period while improvements are being made, then converts to a fully amortizing payout for the remainder of the full term after the advance period. If improvements are not completed during the advance period, the interest only period and maturity date are extended.