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Community Grants

To date, Independent Financial has awarded over $1.9 million to non-profit organizations working to create healthy, strong, and vibrant communities. Our Community Grants program supports the work of nonprofits in our communities and focuses on serving low- and moderate-income populations in the areas where we feel we can have the biggest impact: Community Development, Education, and Health & Human Services.

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Bridge Building

Through our diverse knowledge and contacts, we bring resources into the community and serve as a hub to connect multiple stakeholders across issues and sectors. 

Financial Education

How Money Smart Are You? is a financial education tool with games and resources providing practical knowledge to help you manage finances with confidence. Users play games to learn more about borrowing money, managing debt, saving and investing. To learn more, click here.

Employee Volunteer Programs

For every twenty volunteer hours an Independent Financial employee serves at a nonprofit, Independent Financial will make a $500 donation (up to 4 times per calendar year per employee).

Company Matching Donations

Independent Financial matches our employee’s donations to non-profit organizations (up to $1,000 per calendar year per employee).

Building Healthy Communities

Our goal is to leverage our organizational strengths to help build healthier, stronger, and more resilient communities.

We think we can create the biggest impacts leading to positive change by:

  • Understanding the greatest needs within our communities
  • Leveraging both our financial assets and the talents of our employees